Staff Contact/Website

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Bethany Hutson English and Psychology Website

Christopher VanClifford Mathematics and Robotics Website

David Stingley Band, Choir, and Algebra 1 Website

Dennis Bower US History, Video Productions, Website

and Athletic Director

Doug Abrahamson History, Spanish, and CWP/Econ Website

Jenna Haselwood Business and Yearbook Website

Johnny Garcia Chemistry, General Science, Physics, Website

and CWU Environmental Sci.

Joseph Steketee Art and Yearbook Website

Kalle Jorgensen Geometry Website

Kaylene Kenny Family, Consumer Sciences, Website

and Health

Kevin Hoffman Woods, Metals, and Aquaculture Website

Kelsey Otto English and Language Arts Website

Lori Sanderson Science, Ag Science, Botany, Website

and Biology

Mazen Saade US History, Learning Lab, and PE Website

Wayne Nelson Physical Education Website