September is Attendance Awareness Month

September is Attendance Awareness Month

One of my goals for the 2017-18 school year is to create a climate and culture of change. One of the main focuses is in the area of attendance. The staff at the Onalaska High School will make the issue of attendance improvement a top priority. We are starting the process by facilitating collaboration and new ideas in order to increase student attendance.

One way we are supporting this cause is by making each student feel welcomed at our school. We are letting absent students know that we are aware that he/she were absent and starting a conversation of support and guidance.

The office is tackling attendance issues by making the relationship between student, parents and the office more personal. Each day the office is reviewing attendance and immediately talking to the student about their absence. Our goal is to make individual contact with “high-risk” students on a daily basis. The office will also be making all students aware of their attendance statistics each week in the Morning Announcements.

Our Attendance Team is working to design and implement ways to reward and recognize individuals and even classes for improved attendance. We will announce the prize winners on the school website.

Here are a few things parents/guardians can do to support attendance:

1. Let your student know that you think attending school daily is a top priority;

2. Become involved in your student's school life and activities;

3. Let the school know (in advance) if your student is going to be absent, or if you have concerns about attendance or

school performance.

4. Do not let your student persuade you into making an excuse for his/her absence.

We must ALL support youth in school!