Science Club

Introduction to the Science Club

The Onalaska High School Science Club was found in 1996 by our science teacher Johnny Garcia. Throughout the years, the Science Club has been able to go on multiple science-related field trips, conduct science experiments at Onalaska Community Dinners, improve the trail around Carlisle Lake by inserting informative signs on the native species, and more. The Science Club is open for any High School student who attends Onalaska that is interested in science. Meetings are held ever Wednesday in Mr. Garcia's room during lunch.

Recent News

Congratulations to the Onalaska Science Club Grant Writing Team for receiving their second grant this year, the Lowe’s Toolbox for Education Grant. The funds will be used by the 2015/2016 STEM class to build health and wellness stations around Carlisle Lake. You can read an article about the grant by The Chronicle by clicking here or read more about it on the science club page by clicking here.

"A Natural Field Guide to the Plants of Carlisle Lake" is now published and available on Amazon! This book was written entirely by students, and 100% of the profit made from this book goes directly to the Onalaska High School Science Club. The book is about the natural history of Carlisle Lake and the plant life that makes up its ecosystem. Click here to go to the amazon page, or by searching the title in Amazon’s search box.

Our Grant Writing Team has received our first grant, the TACT grant by TransAlta for $7,453. The grant will be used to purchase water quality testing equipment for Carlisle Lake. An article about the water quality team and grant was featured in The Chronicle, read about it by clicking here. Pictured above are the water quality testing members and volunteers. Not Pictured: Madison Girt, Jana Girt, Brittany Ross, Molly Musick, Johnny Garcia

What we do

Herold Observatory: A part of pride and joy for the Onalaska Science Club and science center is the Herold Observatory. This observatory was paid for by a grant, and is a very unique thing in Onalaska. Find out more information about the observatory on its website by clicking here.

Field Trips: This school year the science club went on a field trip to TransAlta in Centralia where the toured the mining areas and energy production facilities. The Science Club also had the opportunity to take a field trip to the Mary E. Theler Wetlands Nature Preserve in Belfair, Washington this year. The goal of this field trip was to see what kind of improvements they have made to their wetland area so we can get ideas on how to improve ours at Carlisle Lake, and what to request for in our grant writing process. Below are some photos from the field trips. Other Science Club field trips include going to OMSI in 2013 and the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in 2012.

Current Officers

President - Lorenzo Hill

Vice President - Noah Halloway

Secretary - Betty Granman

Treasurer - Sierra Nedved

Book Authors

Riley Dolan

Caleb Huffman

Melisa Martinez-Munoz

Gavin VanClifford

Bernadette Hayden

Madison Girt

Noah Halloway

Janice Girt

Brittany Ross

Lorenzo Hill

Grant Writing Members

Teacher Advisors

Johnny Garcia

Student Volunteers

Melisa Martinez-Munoz

Logan Vanclifford

Brittany Ross

Janice Girt

Ana Beatriz Granman

Lorenzo Hill

Noah Halloway

Science Club Book Project: In the summer of 2014, four members from the science club, Caleb Huffman, Riley Dolan, Bernadette Hayden and Madison Girt, started a project with the help of Mr. Garcia to write a book on the plants that grow around Carlisle Lake, a lake owned by the Onalaska Alliance adjacent to the Onalaska Middle School that is commonly used by the public and students. Caleb Huffman was the Chief Editor of the book in the summer and now that he has graduated, that title has been passed onto the current president, Riley Dolan. Our goal with this project is to add on to the book every year, with help from the AP Environmental Science club, and to have a new edition published at the end of every school year. The book is entitled "A Natural Field Guide to the Plants of Carlisle Lake" and the first edition is now published and available on, click here to go to amazon's page listing the book. If you are a student who wants to join this project, then talk to Mr. Garcia or Riley Dolan, however being a member of the Science Club is required.

If you would like to be on our pre-order list for this book email Riley Dolan at or Mr. Garcia at The current price range estimate for the book is $12-$15, with any money not used to cover the price of ordering the books going towards the Science Club. A special thanks to T. R. Gratz, the Dean of Instruction at Centralia Community College, and Mrs. Roden, our AP English teacher, for reviewing our book for additional edits. .

Grant Writing Team:

In 2012 member Bernadette Hayden was the head of a project, along with David Brown and other members of Science Club and Onalaska Alliance, who wrote a request to the EPA for the S.I.T.E. grant in order to improve Carlisle Lake. We received the grant, which was a total of $5,000 that we used to improve the trail along Carlisle Lake by installing informative signs of the plants around the lake and to lay down gravel along the trail. This year, we have another grant writing team that is currently working on requesting multiple different grants to further improve Carlisle Lake, the Onalaska School District, and community. If you would like to help the Science Club with this endeavor then talk to Mr. Garcia or email him at Grant meetings are every Wednesday at 3:30 p.m. and every Tuesday and Thursday in Mr. Garcia's room during lunch, which means students not in the grant writing team are not allowed in his room at that time.