Principal's Corner

Parent, guardians, Onalaska community and visitors, 
  1. As academic rigor increases your student(s) may feel the “crunch” of running out of time based on their learning needs.  If this is happening for your student is welcome to stay in the library on Wednesdays after school while waiting for their sport or to simply get caught up.  If your student is finding a particular class(es) difficult with the allotted time then they will be placed in this intervention opportunity. However, as busy as students are our teachers are also busy teaching.  Students may request to go into a 7th period intervention if they feel they need to. Please encourage them to do so. 

Skyward is a tool that allows you to see your student(s) grade as they are posted by the teachers.  Friday grade checks by parents from home are a power tool that shows you not only care, but increases the accountability of their academic performance.   As parents we have all had the conversation, “How was your day?” or” How are your grades?”. This is generally followed with, “fine” or “good”.   With Skyward that conversation might look like, “Your grades are good, but I see you are struggling in…perhaps it’s because you struggled on the last test which may be because you did not turn in the last two assignments" This is a good time to to encourage them to go to 7th period intervention. 

  1. If you have not received your Skyward password call the office and we will get it for you.

  2. If your student does not know theirs, encourage them to come to the office and get it so they can track their progress

  ***Here is a strategy to assist your student in creating positive habits:  Have them check their percentages in each class once a week and have them write it down in a notebook.  Keep the notebook in a mutual agreed upon place so you can check it as well.  The will create the habit of "staying on top of their school work" and allow you to have conversations about their school. As adults many of us keep logs, or track data, that relates to our jobs.  As school is your students primary job right now it will strengthen work ethic later into their adult lives and keep them mindful of their learning now.***

Talk to you soon



Rich Rasanen

Principal, Onalaska HS